Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Teen Moms Who Parent Their Babies

We hear much about how hard it is to raise a baby alone and/or with few resources. Here's an article about a few teen married mom in Korea and their struggle.

Teen married mothers grope for identity

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

More on Toby Dawson

Looks like someone has stepped forward believing he is Toby's biological father.

Korean Claims to Be Biological Father of US Olympic Medalist

There is some resemblance. But only DNA will tell for sure.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ok, I'm not proud of this, but ...

I happen to adore "bad celebrity plastic surgery" - it just makes me feel a whole lot better about myself at 51, since (honestly) I look better at 51 than a lot of pop-eyed, tight-faced, botoxed celebs do at 40. (Although I do flirt from time to time with a little under-eye and mini-neck lift.)

I'll buy the National Enquirer everytime they run one of these issues. (Check out last week's issue, it's a doozy.)

I have a new favorite website - Awful Plastic Surgery.

Hope you enjoy this time waster as much as I do!

And how about Hines Ward?

Not an adoption story, but a different take on traditional Korean views on lineage.

From The Korean Herald - Editorial.

[EDITORIAL]Xenophobia on spotlight

Toby Dawson - Two Media Takes - US & Korean

Are you following Toby Dawson's exciting Olympic work? I thought you'd find these 2 articles of interest. One is from MSNBC, the other from The Korea Times.

From Orphan to Olympian
Adjusting to the American way wasn't always easy for Toby Dawson

US Skier Seeks Korean Parents

Saturday, February 04, 2006

In many ways, she was the mother to us all...

For women of a certain age, Betty Friedan was one of the most amazing, spectacular revolutionaries of the day. She galvanized a generation of women, myself included. Many of the civil rights women take for granted today came, in large part, because of Betty and her vision.

Rest well, Betty.
And thank you.