Saturday, September 30, 2006

Certificate of Citizenship - Timeline

After spending the last few years waiting for USCIS to declare adoption finalization papers acceptable proof and formal documentation of US citizenship (and it's still not), I decided to get my youngest kidlet her Certificate of Citizenship.

We submitted her paperwork and check for $215 in late May. We received her COC today via certified mail. About 4 months. (In comparison, we waited 18 months for Spencer's (1999) and had to involve our US Congressional office for assistance.)

Sometimes things do go right. Now we're off to SSA office with COC in hand to have her SSA account changed from "resident alien" to US Citizen.

Remember - this is NOT an automatic process. Get your child a US Passport or COC and make sure you march down to SSA and get your child's status updated.

Without documented proof of Citizenship, SSA will not update the status. And if you or your spouse dies before the status is upgraded, your child will receive reduced benefits.


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Interesting Site & Resources -

Saw this in my web travels today. Check out: and read how it got started ... Check out the Asian-American Village Section ... and then their list of adoption/transracial resources

I'd bookmark this one for future reference!

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

A different take on Diaspora

Diaspora means "a dispersion of a people from their original homeland." A new film from Israel explores a community of Vietnamese "boat people" who rescued near Japan came to live, work, and raise their families in Israel.

I think there's a lot here that would resonate with internationally adopted persons.

Vietnamese "boat people" go Israeli, then visit their home in documentary

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

From NPR - Our Chinese (Korean, Kazakh, Ethiopian) Jewish Daughters

Got this link from APC today ... a Jewish dad comments on the High Holidays and the increasing number of international adoptees in the Jewish community.

Jewish Chinese Adoptees on NPR

(The segment also discusses George Allen and Madelaine Albright and the late discovery of their Jewish parentage. Although not brought up Jewish, both of these folks are and remain Jewish by traditional Jewish law since both come from Jewish mothers.)

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Another Example of Why Ethical Adoption is So Critical

A poster on ThirdMom shared this link from New York Magazine.

"We gave him up to save his life"

For five increasingly horrific years, the adoption agencies insisted that Chad Ostrowski's memory of a father in Korea was fantasy. When Anne Marie and John finally learned the truth about their beloved boy, they made the ultimate sacrifice.

I was appalled at this situation for a number of reasons. Primarily, tho, that the father's girlfriend was able to place a child not her own for adoption ... how does that possibly happen? I do know that in years past, grandparents, sometimes in secret, did bring children to orphanages for adoption placement. But a girlfriend? How does something like this happen?

But obviously it did, at least this one time. And I'm quite sure, it has happened more than this time, as well.

This article depicts a tragedy at so many levels it's hard to know where to begin. I can only hope that Chad, his APs, and his Korean family can find a way to love and support each other through such immeasurable pain and find light in such dark and murky circumstances.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Celebrating the Birthday of the World

Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!
L'Shanah Tovah!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Korean Adoption Changes - Aussie View

This Australian article - Adoption Heartache for Hundreds - has been receiving a lot of online attention. A couple of things to keep in mind:

Australia only works with Eastern, and over the years the number of files (they call them allocations) has continued to decrease. (Similar to the US). The number of files for this prior to the announcement of the rule change has been quite small. Eastern notified Australia that they will not accept any files for the first 5 months of 2007 and will then review the situation as they wait for the 5 month ruling to come in. (One thing I didn't know is that Australia only allows the adoption of healthy children, no children with special needs.)

My sources tell me there is NO real news to report for US families at this time. Families who have already received referrals remain in process. When I learn more, I'll keep y'all posted.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Completely OT - My New Massapequa Blog

Like I don't have enough to do, but ...

I heard from an elementary school classmate last week, and it got me a little nostalgic. So I decided to make my little hobby public and shareable.

Let me know what you think and if you enjoyed the scenes of my hometown.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

My Heart, My New York

"And we laid down and wept, and wept, for these I am.
We remember thee, remember thee, remember these I am."

Friday, September 08, 2006

Good Info for KADs Thinking About Search

This is taken from Holt's Korean Agency site but should provide useful info for all KADs thinking about conducting a search for birth parents:

Holt Korea - KAD Info

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The ulimate KAD tee

I saw this on a KAD list group. Think I should carry it in AdoptShoppe or just order now and save them for my kids? I think it's a terrific, in-your-face idea. (I may be a middle-aged mom, but I think like a fresh-faced provocateur.)

Two very cool T-Shirts for adoptees are being re-printed.

Design #1: -all black with "got adopted?" printed in white letters on the front (in the style of the "got milk?" ads)

Design #2: - all blue with white lettering: -

On the front of shirt:

On the back is:

I am an Asian transracial adoptee I am a U.S. citizen. I speak English I am not oriental I am not Fresh
Off the Boat I am not a foreign exchange student I am not a Kung Fu master I am not a genius at math or science I will not love you long time I am not your stereotype What are YOU?

Latest information from Saul Tran Cornwall, the designer of the T-Shirts:

-$20.00 per T-Shirt (includes tax, shipping and handling) -make checks payable to Saul Tran Cornwall -mail checks to Saul Tran Cornwall at 511 1/2 Federal Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102 -be sure to specify which design (#1."got adopted?" or #2."What are YOU?") - what size (SM, M, L, XL. etc.)! - include the shipping address for T-Shirt

Saul's complete contact information is: Saul Tran Cornwall 511 1/2 Federal Ave E Seattle, WA 98102 Mobile: (206) 200-8082 Email: