Monday, March 06, 2006

Ladybugs - a menace?

As you may or may not know, the ladybug has become something of a mascot for the China Adoption Community portending good luck, the imminent arrival of referrals, etc. (We don't have anything like this in the Korea Adoption community. Maybe we need something.)

In any case, it appears that ladybug allergies are quite real and right up there with cat and cockroach allergies.

Here's the CNN article. (After reading this, you'll never feel quite so sanguine about finding a ladybug in your house.)

Ladybug allergy bugs more people

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Link to Mentioned Article

Here's the link to the Washington Post article mentioned below.

Mother Admits Killing Daughter

Saturday, March 04, 2006

this and this - and something outstanding

It's been a while since I last posted. In that time, an adoptive mother pled guilty to killing her 2-year Russian-born daughter, just one more tragic incident which highlights why 1/adoptive parents should have more screening, not less and 2/adoptive parents must have compulsory training/education prior to allowing the child to join them.

Pretty harsh I know, but my experience and gut tells me that too many adoptive parents - even those with children already at home - are woefully unprepared to parent adopted children. Especially those who are older, come from orphanage environments, and who bring with them a history of abuse, neglect, malnutrition.

Too many APs are clueless and some of this has to fall on the adoption agency. How many times do we read on the egroups where parents with children newly home write wondering when the child will sleep through the night - and this is after 10 days?

Agencies who insist on education - and the best ones do - can easily find themselves at a disadvantage to those agencies promising fast, inexpensive adoptions. Afterall who wants to wait 6-12 months with mandatory classes with Agency A when Agency B promises the moon instead?

If you're a prospective adoptive parent, seek out the agencies that offer classes, training, what have you. It will help you define and focus your journey and ultimately make you a far better parent.

Ok, that's my rant. Now here's the amazing part of our program. Crank up the music and prepare to be astounded.

This ain't your Grandma's Spinning Plate act on the Ed Sullivan Show